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Our award-winning wines are created by hand in small, individually numbered batches that are available based on growing conditions. Please contact us for the week-to-week availability of our wines.



‘18 Traminette


Plunge into a deep, clear pool, mesmerized by swiftly flowing water cascading from above, bringing hypnotic notes of pineapple, lychee, and honey.  Burst through the surface to a hint of white pepper and underlying ginger arousing the nose and tickling the palate. This whirlwind of senses will awaken your soul but leave you grounded.

BBV Wine Club Price: $16.15

'18 Epic White


Our Epic White is a truly special wine made from Vidal Blanc grapes. A hardy grape that thrives in our Northeast soil, Vidal Blanc is rugged enough to withstand the extremes of winter weather.  Aromatic tropical and stonefruit notes preludes to a zesty lime rind palate with a hint of fresh pineapple resulting in a clean, crisp finish.

BBW wine club price: $15.30

‘17 Riesling "Clone 198"

Current supply is sold out. we are cellaring a number of cases to be RE-RELEASED in the future.

‘18 Riesling "Clone 198"

(Release date To be determined)

‘18 Riesling "Pendleton"

winter 2019 (release date to be determined)

‘17 Chardonnay

sold out

‘18 Rosé of Cabernet Franc


This wine has a personality that’s neither red nor white, feminine nor masculine. It embraces polar opposites and transcends the seasons with a vibrancy that is fresh and simple yet deep and bewildering.  A demure fruitiness prevails but only after the soft, sea-salt-like minerality cleanses. Breathe in a refined elegance and exhale a hint of sass. This rosé has a mind of its own, so let it take you on an adventure.


‘18 Rosé of Cabernet Franc (Natural Ferment)


Available through wine club membership only

Native yeasts on the skins naturally inoculated these Cabernet Franc grapes that were harvested from the steep shoreline of Lake Keuka. We allowed the wild fermentation process to take its own course with this wine, yielding delicate aromas and flavors of soft red fruit and native apples. This Rose is an example of how grapes can develop into a libation of the purist form with just a little love and attention.



‘15 Cabernet Franc

sold out

‘17 Cabernet Franc


Available through wine club membership only

The warm sweet smells of cooked plum jam, subtle violets, and candied black licorice will envelop you like a cozy armchair in a book-lined room. One sip and you will reacquaint yourself with an old friend or perhaps send letters with freshly penciled thoughts, kick up damp and earthen leaves that fell weeks ago, or satisfy traditional plum and fig pudding cravings. Love just a little, or love a whole lot.

BBV wine club price: $19.55

Epic Red


Our Epic Red is an uncommon and delicious wine made exclusively from hardy Northeastern grapes. It’s a vibrant and tantalizing blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Noiret. An enticing nose of candied cherry, buttery toffee, and a hint of bay leaves and pine lead to a beautiful finish that is savory and herb-like, with pleasant acidity.

BBV Wine Club Price: $17.00

‘14 Merlot


Available through wine club membership only


‘17 Cabernet Sauvignon


An abundant aroma of cassis sets the tone for this expressive Cabernet Sauvignon. Contemplative long shadows cast a dark and mysterious mood in an old forest where the undergrowth gives way to forest fruit. A glimmer of fresh eucalyptus and a sprig of thyme leads to a frivolity that skirts the border of mischievousness. Drink now or see what magic it holds in the future.

bbv wine club price: $20.40

‘15 Noiret

Sold out

‘15 Ruby (Maréchal Foch)


With a plum and maple-walnut nose, this fortified ruby port-style dessert wine has sweet and deep flavors of fruit, including current, black raspberry, and boysenberry along with a hint of clove and caramel that give it a rich and warm finish.  Enjoy sipping a glass to end a perfect meal or drizzle over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. (375mL)

BBV Wine Club Price: $28.90

Bloom No. 19

an aperitif by Black Birch Vineyard


This effervescent beverage is refreshingly light with fruit and botanical notes. Best served on ice garnished with your favorite seasonal fresh fruit.

BBV wine club price: $17.00

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Our wines are available for purchase at the vineyard and at select stores in Massachusetts. Sign up for a free membership to our Wine Club for 3 bottles per season at a discounted price, access to special reserves, member-only events, and other exclusive perks